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Online Therapy 

Technology can be a useful resource to do counselling, specially if you are busy and want to save commuting time, online sessions can also be a great option if you are dealing with social anxiety, PTSD or depression  .

Online sessions can have the same effect as face to face when there is willing to change.


If you have had face to face counselling, you will notice that online sessions are just as efficient as the deep work is based in the therapeutic relationship and in your focus and intention to grow.

Another advantages of online sessions are:

You can do it from the comfort of home, office or when travelling.

Saving time and resources as you don't have to commute.

Your payments are  online.

You are going to need

-A  place where you feel comfortable.

- No interruptions.

- Good internet signal.

- Headphones, not necessary but recommended.

- Laptop, tablet or mobile with camera and sound.

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